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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Options


Whether you’re seeking a smarter floor for your kitchen or bathroom, a great all-around option for rooms frequented by pets and kids, or are in the process of creating a new space to entertain at home, waterproof flooring is always a great decision. With endless options to choose from, we now have waterproof flooring products to suit nearly any type of space and style. 


At Creative Interiors Carpet One Floor & Home in Beaufort, SC we specialize in elegant flooring solutions to solve all sorts of everyday obstacles. Let’s work together to find waterproof flooring that’s your ideal fit.


Benefits of Waterproof Flooring 

Waterproof flooring has certainly come a long, long way since the drab laminates of yesteryear. Today, there are thousands of options to choose from, including waterproof luxury vinyl, traditional tile, and even moisture-resistant carpeting. 

Most of these products function in a similar way to combat daily water woes. A protective coating traps stray splashes and spills upon the surface, while preventing them from sinking in and causing major damages. 


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is available in both tile and plank form. With looks ranging from realistic pine planks to tiles capturing the intricate veins of fine marble, there are styles to please every palate. Invincible H20 is one of our favorite waterproof luxury vinyl series. 


Waterproof Tile 

Porcelain and ceramic tile are traditional favorites for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. One of our favorite aspects of tile is its sheer variety, making it easy to customize an installation that’s completely one-of-a-kind. Tile can even be coordinated to match your new cabinetry or vanity. 


Water-Resistant Carpet 

Carpeting was once a big no-no for households with little kids or pets, but times have definitely changed. Today there are hundreds of incredibly water-resistant, stain-proof carpeting products to choose from, representing all of the latest colors, textures, and patterns.  LEES and Innovia Xtreme Clean are just a few examples of the product lines we carry. 


To learn more about our selection of waterproof flooring products, call us today to chat with one of our friendly flooring experts. 



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