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Living room with hardwood flooring and fireplace

Hardwood Floors in Beaufort, SC  

Hardwood flooring is the essence of beauty, durability, and value. Many homeowners choose to install new hardwood floors in their homes to add value to their property. With hardwood flooring, you can have a floor that suits your style and makes your home even more beautiful than before.


At Creative Interiors Carpet One Floor & Home in Beaufort, SC, you can be assured that we bring you only the best quality hardwood and brands. If you’re all about staying on trend with in-home styles, then gray finished hardwood might be a great choice for your home. We also have traditional hardwood with yellow undertones and rustic wooden planks that show off the natural look of weather-worn wood.



 Should I Choose Solid Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood Floors?

When choosing a new hardwood floor, you have two options: solid and engineered hardwood.


Both types of hardwood flooring offer distinct characteristics that make both of them unique. Solid and engineered hardwood feature unmatched looks that any other flooring cannot replicate.


Learn more about both types of hardwood:







Best Types of Hardwood

Where in the world did YOUR floor come from?


Hardwood floors can be harvested from many different domestic and exotic  species of trees. Each wood species offers unique shades and character, and they also feature different strength levels and wear resistance.


Our hardwood flooring selection is available in numerous options that range from traditional to exotic species. Choose from your favorite hardwood species in planks of all sizes, colors, and finishes.


We proudly carry both solid and engineered hardwood in these wood species and more:





Balancing Hardwood & Humidity

Since South Carolina is known to have a humid climate for most of the year, you should figure out before you purchase hardwood if your home is well-suited for it.


Hardwood is made from real wood, so it can expand and contract with changes in humidity. We can give you more advice about humidity when you visit our showroom and speak with one of our hardwood experts.




Where Can Hardwood Floors Be Installed?

Hardwood flooring is generally recommended for home settings without significant foot traffic and moisture.


Popular spots for hardwood installation are bedrooms and living rooms. We do not recommend installing hardwood in kitchens and bathrooms, because moisture is prevalent. You should choose the space where you want to install hardwood before you choose a floor.


For example, solid hardwood flooring needs to be installed in the above-level rooms of your home. Engineered hardwood, however, can be installed on all levels of your home.




Can I Install My Own Hardwood Floor?

It’s usually a very bad idea to try!


When it comes to hardwood flooring installation, the average homeowner is advised to seek professional help. Hardwood installation is not meant for beginners or the inexperienced since it’s too easy to make mistakes or prepare improperly.


Even worse: damages can easily happen and if improperly installed, your warranty might not cover it. We can help you install your new hardwood floors with the help of our most trusted contractors!




Find Hardwood Floors in Beaufort, SC


Creative Interiors Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be an independently owned and operated member of the world’s largest flooring cooperative. Our expansive product inventory and expert services make our flooring store your destination for all your hardwood flooring needs.


We carry top-quality brands and products in our showroom. Be sure to stop by our local flooring store Beaufort, SC, to work with one of our flooring experts, or call us today to schedule your free project estimate.

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